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Paving Stone Installation – A Step-By-Step Guide

Getting paving stone installation right is easier than you think. You may be surprised to learn that pavers are surprisingly easy to install. This article provides a step-by-step guide to laying stones on a flat base. It is important to take your time and make sure the base is completely flat before beginning the installation. Several equipment rental stores rent vibrating plate compactors that you can use for paver placement.

The first step in paving stone installation is to prepare the base. Typically, this means digging several inches below the surface of the ground. When you begin the excavation process, make sure you call your utility company to mark any underground utilities. This will help ensure that no utilities will be damaged during the installation process. Next, you can lay the stones down. Afterwards, you should weed and level the area to ensure that they will fit properly.

The next step in paving stone installation is to prepare the base. The base should be at least several inches deep. Before digging for paving stones, call a utility company and mark any underground utility lines. During installation, the contractor should use a plastic line to prevent weeds from growing. This will help the installer to install the stones evenly. Then, lay down the sand and gravel to anchor the pavers in place.

The next step in paving stone installation is preparing the base area. For this, you must prepare the ground a few inches deeper than the surface of the paver. Ideally, you’ll have to dig about six inches to make room for the stones. Also, make sure to contact a utility-dig line company before you dig. This will allow you to call for a meter reading so you can make sure you’re not digging over a utility pipe.

When installing paving stones on a base, you must prepare the area. You should dig several inches deep before you begin. It’s important to call a utility-dig line company before digging as this will help you mark any underground utility lines. If you don’t know how to do this, you should call the contractor. If you don’t, you might end up paying extra for the work. If you’ve prepared the base properly, you’ll have an excellent paving stone installation.

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